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I'm a Dwarf and I stand by my own people
~ Nikabrik
He was not always a good friend to Dwarfs by all that's told. Not even to all beasts. Just ask the Wolves... Yes, they SAY... but you'll notice that we hear precious little about anything he did afterwards. He just fades out of the story. How do you explain that, if he really did come to life? Isn't it much more likely that he didn't, and that the stories say nothing more about him because there was nothing more to say?
~ Nikabrik doubting Aslan

Nikabrik was a Dwarf from Narnia and the quaternary antagonist in Prince Caspian. He was a devout follower of Jadis the White Witch. He believed in her much more than Aslan and thought Aslan to be just a figment of Narnian imagination because of his lack of permanent residence in Narnia.


Nikabrik joined Prince Caspian's army, although from the start he was reluctant at being with Caspian. Indeed, while the Red Dwarf Trumpkin and the animals wanted to listen to Caspian's story, Nikabrik wanted straightaway to kill Caspian upon hearing Miraz their enemy was his uncle, as "he was not only Telmarine but close kin and heir of our enemy!" Nikabrik was however stopped from killing Caspian and he gave way to hear him out. When asking Caspian if he had hunted, Caspian said he had only ever killed dumb animals, to which Nikabrik said was all the same. However the badger said no, it wasn't, and he should know.

Later on when scouting for fighters Trumpkin said that there was a Hag and an Ogre they could introduce Caspian to if he wanted; and he disagreed, knowing how barbaric and evil they were, and Trumpkin agreed too, saying Aslan wouldn't want them for friends if they had that "rabble" with them. Nikabrik openly disagreed with this and said he wanted every fighter to kill all the Telmarines. When Trumpkin displayed belief in the Old Ways, an argument broke out between the badger Trufflehunter, and Trumpkin openly laughed at the badger and said "Why stop with the trees? Wouldn't it be nicer if the rocks and stones threw themselves at old Miraz?" Trufflehunter didn't argue.

Nikabrik joined the army and camped out, and when Caspian's half-Dwarf tutor Cornelius arrived to warn of danger, Nikabrik scoffed at Cornelius' ancestry, but Trumpkin told him to be quiet, as Cornelius couldn't help it. Caspian told Nikabrik that Cornelius had saved his life and he could accept him or leave. Later Miraz attacked the Narnians.

Caspian wanted to wait for Aslan or the Pevensies from the past, but Nikabrik got impatient and expressed open mutiny, saying why couldn't another power be used to free Narnia. He expressed faith in the White Witch, having said before he would use Aslan or the Witch to free them. Nikabrik bought along two companions who said they could resurrect Jadis. However, the companions were shown to be a werewolf and a Hag, and they ambushed the Narnians but were slain, and Nikabrik was killed by Peter. He was later given to Trumpkin and the Dwarves to bury.


  • Given that authors CS Lewis and JRR Tolkien were extremely good friends, its entirely possible that "Nikabrik" comes from Tolkien's own word "Neekabreek" - annoying mosquitoes that live in the North East marshes outside the Shire. This fits because Nikabrik himself is just irritating.
  • In the book, Nikabrik's treachery is revealed behind closed doors (with Peter and his siblings eavesdropping) but in the film everyone is present in the room where Nikabrik conducts the ritual.

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