Nightstrike is A vampire bat-like Decepticon in Transformers: Robots in Disguise.


Nightstrike was one of the many Decepticons imprisoned aboard the Alchemor. When the ship crash-landed on Earth by Megatronus, he was freed from his stasis pod. He invaded the Autobots' scrapyard and captured one of Chop Shop's spider parts, carrying him off to his cave. The Autobots managed to track him to his location, but he was able capture them all using his power, even Denny Clay who was not affected. Nightstrike put the Autobots into realistic nightmares based on their worst fears and fed off Strongarm first.

Denny convinced Nightstrike there was a rescue party coming, tempting him to leave allowing Russell to free him. Nightstrike returned shortly however, this made both humans to run distraction and free the Cybertronians at the same time. Chop Shop's spider component threw a can of paint at Nightstrike temporarily blinding him. Nightstrike was then hit by Bumblebee with his Decepticon hunter while Rusell freed the other. The Autobots turned off their audio receptors, rendering Nightstrike's howl ineffective allowing. Nightstrike was defeated by Grimlock when he pinned him down. He was taken back to the scrapyard and put back into a stasis.


  • Megatronus - Savior, never met
  • Bumblebee's team - Enemy



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