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Nightmare A.K.A. Sapphire is a Student and very dangerous. She is also a main Antagonist of H. S.'s. Her beloved best friend called D. T. K.  


She usually appears in a mall, a park or a internet cafe. She has a medium height body and thin with pale white skin. She has a mouth slit on the left face. She has brown eyes with dark brown hair. In Day, she wears blue jacket, black mask, brown jeans and black sneakers, in Night, she wears black hoodie, black gas mask, black jeans, white gloves and black sneakers.


If you meet her she will be quite, cool, poker face and cold-hearted, you can share time with her. But, if you make her angry, she will destroy you. Quite possessive, but don't make her stress out, she will become uncontrolled, crazy, and insane.

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