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'Who has summond me?'

- When Nightmare knight was restructed

The Nightmare Knight is the primary antagonist in the webcomic Cucumber Quest, and an ancient being who is the ruler of the Disaster Masters. He first arrived at Dreamside nearly 500,000 years ago to spread chaos and destruction. Fortunately for the residents of Dreamside and unfortunately for him, he was stopped by the first Legendary Hero; however, since he couldn't be completely defeated, the Dream Oracle decided that the best way to deal with him was to seal him away with the power of the Disaster Stones. It was originally thought that assembling the stones to summon the Nightmare Knight again would be impossible, but he has managed to be revived 100 times (the latest by Queen Cordelia).

Being an all-powerful creature of darkness and evil, the Nightmare Knight has a wide range of emotions, varying from aloof disinterest to mild irritation. While he willingly follows Cordelia's orders, he is in no way subservient to her, and it's unclear on which one of them is in control of the other.

The Nighmare Knight has yet to showcase any of the world-destroying powers that legend says he holds. He has the ability to appear and disappear anywhere in Dreamside and appears to move silently, unless everyone else is just selectively inattentive to him. In stories, he is shown being able to split open the earth using pillars of flame and call meteors down from the sky.

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