Nightmare is an evil organization and villains in Yes! Pretty Cure 5. Their mission is to capture the Dream Collect for their leader, Desparaia so she could gain immortality and to bring despair to the world.

The base for the villains appears to be located in the middle of a city district. It is a huge skyscraper with many unseen offices, Bunbee's board room, Desperaia 's office on the top floor and a roof top. The whole layout is based on a Japanese corporation/evil corporation.

The subordinates that were sitting on the table wearing masks were the Palmier Citizens and were brainwashed after they got captured and brainwashed, and disguised themselves as humans. Soon in Ep.48, they've soon went back to normal selves and forms.

According to Bloody, the organization used to value teamwork more between its higher ups. That, however, changed when Kawarino went in charge as Desparaia's second-in-command.

Desperaia ultimately receives her goal, but she loses the control of her own power, so she sacrifices herself to rescue the Cures and the Palmier citizens. After her fall, the organization is destroyed.




  • Each villainous employee does wear the black mask and becomes a monster, with the exception of Kawarino and Bunbee.
  • The "black mask"-cards are given by Kawarino and Bunbee.
  • Despite he left Nightmare early in this season, Gamao does still have many Kowaina mask.
  • Bunbee and Kawarino are the only members who has survived after Nightmare's fall. However, Bloody's fate is still unknown.
  • Bunbee changes from Nightmare to Eternal, the next villain organization from Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!.