Night Spectre 001

The Night Spectre is a character from Amalgam Comics. He is a cross between Marvels Nightmare and DCs Spectre.

His goal is to collect the Souls of Power, which include only the purest or corrupt souls on Earth. If he is able to collect all these souls he would hold the keys to Heaven, Hell and Earth. One of those souls was the wife of Blaze Allen, who he took from him on their wedding day. This led to Blaze becoming the Speed Demon in order to combat Night Spectre. Night Spectre was able to collect all but one soul, that of the Two-Faced Goblin. Speed Demon did his best to thwart him but Night Spectre was able to split the demon from Blaze. Blaze was rescued by Kid Demon, who bonded himself with a different demon in order to save his uncle. Together, they defeated the Night Spectre and freed all the souls he had captive.

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