The Night Hunter is the playable special Infected in the Dying Light Multi-player "Be the Zombie" mode. it is a player controlled special infected which is played at night to eliminate the survivors and it is the only playable zinfected so far.


A fearsome predator who watches over nests of incubating Volatiles. As the ultimate zombie, the Night Hunter can use superhuman skills, which gives him an edge over survivors in the quarantine. Extremely intelligent and dangerous.

The Night Hunter is only seen in Be The Zombie mode. Just like the Human team, it has a skill tree which can improve its attacks, movement and other abilities.


Just like Volatile, the Hunter is weak to Ultra-violet light. UV light reduces the Night Hunter's stamina, giving the survivors a chance to kill it or delay it long enough to complete their objective to destroy the Volatile hives.


  • It's odd how the Hunter has stamina seeing as though the Virals in the game are Undead.