A Night Hag (sometimes known as Old Hag) was a kind of nightmare spirit used in folklore around the world to explain the very real phenomena known as sleep paralysis - unlike other nightmare spirits such as the succubus she was rarely depicted as a femme fatale and had no interest in mating with her victims..


According to legend Night Hags were a type of spirit that invaded people's dreams via entering their homes and sitting on their chest, causing them to experience horrible nightmares before they awoke in a panic - often finding it hard to breath or move: one the victim awoke however the hag's influence was said to fade away within a few minutes.

The victim was said to have been "hagridden" as a result and understandably many cultures lived in fear of this creature - when the condition known as sleep paralysis was finally discovered by science however the power of the Night Hag faded as people finally had a way to understand the frightening phenoma.

However even in the age of science and reason some people still believe in Night Hags and to them at least she remains as frightening and real as she did in centuries past..