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Main henchman of Malprave

"It's time to say goodbye, Mr.Bond!" - Nigel Bloch to Bond when confronting him in the underwater base.

"Time to die!" - Nigel Bloch

"Hahahahaha!, let's go Bond!" - Nigel Bloch

"Youv'e come a very long way to die Mr.Bond, but first let me show you around! Hahahaha!" - Nigel Bloch

Nigel Bloch is the leader of the terrorist group Identicon. He is a major villain in the Bond game Agent Under Fire. He seems to be an independant man but he is working with Adrian Malprave. When Bond first encountered him in the South China Sea oil rig alone he didn't think he was working with anyone. When intel came in saying that he was working with Malprave, Bond did not expect it. When Bond faced him again in Malprave's base in Switzerland he realized what he fought before was a clone and killed the real Nigel by detonating the jetpack he was wearing at the time.

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