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Niwe is a villain from from the visual novel and anime series Utawarerumono.

When he first appears he tries to take over the nation of Tusukuru by sending his sholiders to say he is to have control of it. He is the emperor of Shikeripetim.

It is than found he was doing it so he can get Hakuoro to fight him and his nation of Shikeripetim which is more powerful than Tusukuru.

Due to Hakuoro refusing to fight him he gets Orikakan(leader of Kuccha Keccha) to attack villages and by telling him that Hakuoro is Rak Shine(a mass murderer). After Orikakan is beaten by Hakuoro he shots him and tells Hakuoro he used that man and begins attacking villages to make other villages think Hakuoro is doing it. His true reason for wanting to  fight Hakuoro so was so he can just see what was inside him. He ends setting his own capital on fire as well. When he fights Hakuoro they end up stabbing each other in the shoulder and Hakuoro transforms killing him.