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Nidhiki is a cunning Dark Hunter mercenary hired by Makuta along with Krekka to help him conquer the Universe and overthrow Mata Nui.


Nidhiki was a Toa at one point who defended the city of Metru Nui alongside Toa Lhikan. However, during a war with the Dark Hunters, Nidhiki made a deal with them to betray the Toa in exchange for rulership of Metru Nui. However, Lihikan discovered and foiled the betrayal, and Nidhiki was exiled to Odina, base of the Dark Hunters, While there, Nidhiki became a successful and cunning mercenary alongside the strong, but dumb ape-like mercenary named Krekka. Later, when Nidhiki attempted to flee Odina, Roodaka, a treacherous Vortixx, mutated Nidhiki, giving him an insectoid appearance. He was killed when Makuta absorbed him.

BIONICLE 2: Legends of Metru-Nui

Nidhiki appeared alongside Krekka in the film Bionicle 2: Legends of Metru Nui. Both Dark Hunters attacked the Toa several times, but the Toa were often able to fight them off. During their last confrontation, Toa Onewa sent Krekka and Nidhiki flying toward Makuta, who absorbed them along with Nivawk.

He is voiced by Paul Dobson.

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