Nicolette DuClare is a character from the original Deus Ex and is one of the major characters in Deus Ex: Invisible War. She's the daughter of the late Beth DuClare and is a member of the Illuminati. In 2072, she has created the Order Church where she has gathered millions of followers and has acquired a God-like social status.

Character Bio

Early life

Nicolette was born sometime in the 2030s in France into the late Beth DuClare, a high-ranking member of the Illuminati. She attended the Collège de Sorbonne during her life and had a childhood of riches and endless luxury. One day however, Nicolette was targeted by Majestic 12 where her mother saved her but at the cost of her life. During that time, Majestic 12 had soon overthrown the Illuminati and had taken over both Europe and Asia as the de facto rulers of both continents. In response, Nicolette fled to the underground where she joined up with the terrorist organization known as Silhouette where they have been plotting a revolution against the MJ12-backed French Government. She then collaberated as a major financial-backer of Silhouette and became friends with its leader, Chad Dumier due to both of them hating MJ12 for ruining their lives.

Events of Deus Ex

"As the only child and heir of Illuminati diva Beth DuClare, Nicolette was born with a platinum spoon in her mouth. Her father's identity is a bit of a mystery... all sorts of rumors abound. The most interesting of these suggests that Nicolette was born without male intervention, a direct clone of her mother with only minor cosmetic alterations. Nicolette inherited her mother's independent spirit, and Beth was not the sort to suffer rebellion gladly, which made for a contentious adolescence and young adulthood. In college, Nicolette hooked up with a nascent band of subversives led by the young political philosopher Chad, and simply by recounting a few overhead conversations of her mother's she provided all the motivation necessary to create the organization Silhouette. However, probably due to her mother's friends and contacts, Nicolette managed to get out of the organization before it became the prime target of international law enforcement. She retreated to the aimless, but surprisingly anonymous, refuge of Paris high society."
~ Description of Nicolette DuClare in Deus Ex

In 2052, JC Denton is seen searching for the current Illuminati Leader Morgan Everett where he is searching for Nicolette and Dumier in Paris, France in order to find him.