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Angry doesn't BEGIN TO COVER IT!!!
~ Nicole Watterson
Nicole Watterson is a main character in The Amazing World of Gumball. She is the beautiful mother of Gumball and Darwin, and is married to Richard Watterson. She hasn't had very many roles as a villain, but did have a main antagonist role in "The Fridge". At times, she is a very nice person, but at other times despite her beauty, she loses control and gets completely angry.

Antagonistic Roles

  • The DVD - Gets mad when she finds Laser Video letters in the mail box, then chases Gumball and Darwin throughout the neighborhood on a bulldog to punish them, but when she finds out what the DVD price is, she calms down. Of course, after learning about the $700 late fee, she and the duo ran away.
  • The Responsible - Forces Richard to go to the parent-teacher conference. Later she gets angry at her kids for flooding the house.
  • The Club - She throws Mr. Small out of the Anger Management club.
  • The Helmet - Tears an office room apart, and fights over Gumball's lucky helmet.
  • The Remote - Tries to get the remote for herself, against Richard, Darwin, Anais and Gumball.
  • The Fridge - Main antagonist role. She wants to turn Gumball into a winner. Gumball attempts to ask her to tear down the fridge chart. She says she'll do it, but only if Gumball beats her in a paintball game to prove he is a winner.
  • The Flakers - When she hears that her husband is running loose in the neighbourhood in his underwear, she suspects that her children have something to do with it. Later, she thinks that nothing has happened, but Richard says that he had a dream of what the kids do in real life, then she gets mad at the kids for it.
  • The Hero - When Gumball and Darwin make fun of Richard at school, she refuses to take care of them or do anything else for them until they apologized, which would be considered child neglect.
  • The Limit - By taking her kids to the supermarket for a family outing, she refuses to buy candy for them. Later, she loses complete control and turns into a monster, rampaging through the store, almost destroying it, and hurting her family until she is stopped by her own reflection.
  • The Pizza - During a flash back explaining why she had a bad day it is revealed that after her car broke down and she called Larry to expect it when charged the $100 dollar fee she gets furious and breaks the car further due to her uncontrolled rage causing the total to raise to $750. Despite knowing that Larry was only doing his job she yells at Larry for the cost. Once Larry ask for a tip for his services she only yells at him further. This combined with the rest of his family refusing to tip and mistreatment towards him caused Larry to quit all his leading to Elmore's economy to collapse.



  • She is the first character to speak on The Amazing World of Gumball.
  • She is somewhat similar to Benson, due to the fact that they can both lose their temper when they get mad.
    • However, Benson loses his temper more often than Nicole, Anais and Miss Simian.
    • Plus, Benson has more antagonistic roles as well.
  • In "The Fridge", when she said, "That's right... Use your anger." was a reference to Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, when Darth Vader told Luke to use his anger to defeat him.
  • Also, somewhere at the end of "The Fridge", she said that Gumball could join her and be a winner after beating her in the paintball game was a reference to Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, when Darth Sidious told Luke to kill his father and take his place.
  • In "The Limit", when Nicole becomes a monster, her eyes are yellow, her teeth are sharper, and her hands have claws.
  • She resembles her son Gumball.

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