Nicole Huston

Nicole Huston is a one-shot villainess from the short-lived series, She-Wolf of London (alternately titled, Love and Curses). She appeared in the 14th episode of the series, "Beyond the Beyond."

She was played by Kate Harper.

Nicole Huston is an actress who was part of the cast of the series, "Beyond the Beyond," but her role was short lived, as she was crushed into a cube (a dodecahedron, according to Snork) in her one appearance. Furious over being killed off, Nicole sought revenge and planned to kill creator Conrad Stipe, who (as later revealed) she slept with and promised her a role on the show. However, Stipe was obliterated by a laser that went haywire at a convention celebrating the 25th anniversary of "Beyond the Beyond." Nicole was later shown cozying up to Ian, who was writing a screenplay based on his novel, and they later bathed together. Nicole believed that Ian would put her in his film, but Ian stated that he wouldn't, which led to Nicole attempting to kill Ian and Randi by overheating the sauna they were in.

The protagonists escaped and met with Aunt Elsa and the cast to search for the killer, while also surprised to see Stipe alive and well in a gorilla suit, having faked his demise knowing that someone was trying to kill him. At that moment, the evil Nicole officially revealed herself as the attempted killer, pointing a gun at the group and stating her vengeful motive. She later shot Snork and fired at Winthrop before chasing after the group. The villainess later turned around to see Ian seated at the laser's controls; firing a shot at the inflated spaceship, causing it to fall and knock out Nicole.