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Nicole (no last name given) is a character appearing in the 2002 romantic comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights.

She was portrayed by Vinessa Shaw.

Nicole is the ex-girlfriend of Matt Sullivan, the film's protagonist. Months after her breakup with Matt, she becomes engaged to another man, devastating Matt. Sometime after Matt resolves to give up any kind of sexual activity for Lent, he runs into Nicole and her fiance at a restaurant during a date with his new love interest Erica Sutton.

Later, during the last days of Lent, Matt is visited by a tearful Nicole, who informs him that she broke up with her fiance. Actually he called it off, she tried to make it work, But he didn't.Nicole then tries to initiate a sexual encounter between herself and Matt, but Matt resists her advances and the two then engage in a heated argument. Nicole, however, finds herself aroused by Matt's aggressive attitude towards her, but Matt kicks her out, slamming the door in her face despite her insistence that doing so would just make her "hotter."

Nicole then donates some money to a betting pool at the Internet company where Matt works (the bet revolves around whether Matt would be able to refrain from any kind of sexual activity for the entirety of Lent).

Later, a helpless Matt (who earlier had been handcuffed to his bed by his roommate Ryan to prevent him from doing anything to break his vow) wakes up from an intensely erotic dream to find Nicole on top of him raping him and thus causing him to lose his bet. Climbing off of a stunned Matt, Nicole explains Matt gave up sex because of her, so she figured she'd be the one to finish it. She then leaves Matt handcuffed to his bed and passes Erica on her way out with a smug smile on her face, leaving Erica to believe that Matt cheated on her with Nicole.

After that, she is never seen again.