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The last thing you will ever see is my power over his.
~ Nicolae Carpathia to Gerald Fitzhugh, claiming he will defeat Jesus Christ.

Nicolae Jetty Carpathia (NICK-o-lye Car-PAY-thee-ah), also known as the Antichrist, is a fictional character and the secondary antagonist in the Left Behind book series.

He was originally introduced as the main antagonist, he was revealed to be merely a bit player to the true main villain.


Being born as a result of the genetically engineered Project People's Victory, Carpathia possessed many desirable traits, and was extremely handsome and dashing; poercingly blue eyes and blonde, like the original Romanians. He was extremely tall, with broad shoulders, as well as a thick, muscular chest.


He was the dictatorial leader of the Global Community, and was an adversary to Jesus Christ and his followers. He was born in the town Cluj, Romania. His creation was the result of a genetic engineering and artificial insemination. The followers of Satan later convince a woman that her baby would change the world. Carpathia later went out in the wilderness, but in a reverse of Christ's temptation, he goes with the temptations. He was later assassinated, and Satan takes over his body, thus making it appear that Nicolae was arisen. He later established his own religion called Carpathianism. In his final appearance, he is defeated, and is thrown into the Lake of Fire. As Satan was being thrown into the Lake, Carpathia could be heard repeatedly shouting: "JESUS IS LORD!" in anguish. He has also appeared in the live action films being portrayed by Gordon Currie.

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