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Nicki and Lizzy Watson are supporting antagonists of the 2013 adaptation of "Carrie".

They are portrayed by Karissa and Katie Strain.


Nicki and Lizzy were co-conspirators in the prank against Carrie and were almost always with Tina Blake. When the prank was pulled, Nicki and Lizzy laughed at Carrie until she knocked them and several other students down with her telekinetic wave. Carrie then killed several of the other bullies until she noticed Nicki and Lizzy running to find the exit. She uses her powers to throw them to the ground. They try to get back up but Carrie slams them down and holds them there as the panicking students trample them to death.


  • Katie and Karissa have portrayed antagonists various times.
  • Nicki and Lizzy are based on Norma Watson and likely the Thibodeau Sisters and Wilson Sisters from the novel and 1976 film.

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