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Nick The Surplus Store Owner
I'm with you. We're the same, you and me. We're the same, don't you see?
~ Nick, as he questions Bill Foster's actions

Nick was a rude, racist bigot and Army surplus store owner and a minor character and antagonist of Falling Down (1993).

He was played by Frederic Forrest.

Character Biography

Though many of the people that William Foster came across are simply regular jerks, Nick is the one that can most certainly be considered a Villainous Jerk, and the only completely villainous person in the movie.

Nick is one of the many people that Foster came across. Foster stopped at his shop to buy himself a new pair of shoes. Nick talked to Foster whilst insulting a pair of gay men, causing the two to leave the store in anger. Foster then saw a police car arriving at where he was, so he hides in one of the changing rooms. Detective Sandra Torres walked in and asked Nick that she was looking for a man in his late 40s, with a white shirt and tie and carrying a gym bag full of guns. Surprisingly, Nick hides Foster in a dressing room and pushes the bag away with his foot, telling Torres that he didn't see a person matching said description, all the while demeaningly addressing her as "officer-ess".

Nick then shows Foster his private stash. This stash was of Nazi items such as a used canister of Zyklon-B, poisonous cyanide gas which was used to kill numerous people in the Holocaust. Nick then offers Foster his rocket launcher, then congratulate him for shooting up the Whammy Burger restaurant, having heard about said incident via police scanner. Nick reveals his hatred towards black people thinking the employees were black, and assumes Foster shares his Neo-Nazi views. Foster, however was sickened by Nick and his beliefs, and claimed that Nick is sick.

Angered, Nick pulls out a Taurus PT92 pistol, a copy of the famous Beretta 92F, and threatened Foster, demanding that he takes his rocket launcher, or he'll kill him. Nick then searches his bag, he notices a snowglobe, which he deems to be "faggot shit", before throwing it away, smashing it. This pushes Foster over the edge. Nick then handcuffs Foster, telling him that he will take him to the police, but not before fantasizing about Foster being raped by a "black" man, begging him to "give it to me", in a sexual hallucination. While doing so, Foster stabs him with a hidden butterfly knife. Nick realizes that the knife isn't his, then stares at a nearby mirror. Foster proclaims to Nick about whether or not it's good to "exercise your rights", before shooting the latter with his own gun, killing him.

Nick's body was later found stuffed inside his own display case by Foster.


  • Nick the Neo Nazi is similar to Charlie Hewitt (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre) and Terence Fletcher (Whiplash), they have an aggressive personality, because they do not hesitate to mistreat anyone threatening.