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Nick Vermicelli

Nick Vermicelli

Nick Vermicelli is a fictional character in Hey Arnold!. He is one of Big Bob Pataki's business associates turned enemy and Scheck's accomplice; that is to say, he is the hidden secondary antagonist of Hey Arnold! The Movie.

Vermicelli has a unibrow, though it is thicker and brown and a thin mustache. He has long shoulder length brown hair tied back into a pony tail and wears a gray suit. He is Italian American.

He is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.


Vermicelli seemed to be Bob's business adviser, as in "Runaway Float," he criticized the kids' wanky land float for not representing the beeper company properly. He proposed the idea to cover the float with a giant papier-mache beeper. Vermicelli's plan failed miserably when Bob lost control of the new bulky and awkward float and ended up almost killing himself, Vermicelli, and all of the children on the float. Luckily, Arnold intervened by catching up to the float on a borrowed bike, climbing behind the wheel of the old car the float was built on, and yanking the handbrake.

Nick vermicelli
He was the secondary antagonist of the movie, where he became Scheck's associate. Big Bob finds out that he has been tricked by Vermicelli into signing an unfair contract that would give him a new Beeper Emporium in which Scheck would have 51% ownership of his entire company. He furiously storms into Vermicelli's house and the two get into a fight. During this fight, Bob gets covered in pickle juice and winds up looking like the Incredible Hulk. He loses that fight when Vermicelli knocks him out by slamming the refrigerator door on his head. At the end, however, upon witnessing Scheck getting arrested, Bob spots Vermicelli trying to escape to his pickup truck and body slams his former associate into it. Vermicelli nervously attempts to try to make it up to him, but Bob will not have any of it and knocks him out with one punch. It is unknown what happens to Vermicelli after this, though he is most likely to be arrested for his betrayal and his part in Scheck's plan.

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