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Nick Connor

Nick Connor is a bully from Virgil's school and the main antagonist in the Static Shock second season finale.


Nick was a well known bully who enjoyed tirelessly tormenting a timid boy Jimmy Osgood with his friends. Virgil did not like Nick's bullying and saw him destroying Jimmy's computer mouse.

Jimmy was asked to help decorated the Fright Fest for the Freeman Community Center. He did a great job with preparing for the special effects but Nick and his friends pulled a violent and temperamental prank on Jimmy by chasing him through a cardboard maze and stuffing him into a locker, leaving him tramautized and not showing for school the following week.

Frieda scolded Nick and his friends for being a bunch of bullies. On Clean Up day at the community center, Jimmy shows up and points a gun at Nick, telling him that the bullying he subjected him to was not funny. Nick immediately apologizes and Jimmy lowered the gun after a few words from Frieda and Richie. But Nick's friends tackled Jimmy, causing him to accidently shoot Richie's leg. After the incident, Nick was suspended and was forced to do community service along with his friends.

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