He's got you, man.
~ An undead Nick to Jeff.

Nick is a minor antagonist in the EverymanHYBRID YouTube Horror Series. He is portrayed by the actor with the same name.


Nick is a side character who was first mentioned in Healthy Eating, but did not appear on camera until OUTSIDE HELP. Sometime after the events at the end of Healthy Eating, it was speculated by Vinnie and Jeff in "...", one of the "hidden" videos, that the second, real Slenderman was Nick pranking them by breaking into Evan's house and dressing up as Slenderman.

On 7/20/11, an entry was posted by HABIT to Can You See The Words, involving somebody named Nicholas. There was speculation at the time that Nicholas and Nick may be the same person, but there was not enough evidence to support it.

Nicks first on camera appearance, (as himself), in OUTSIDE HELP seems to confirm that the Nicholas being groomed by HABIT was in fact Nick. In it Evan confronted Nick about the "prank" of dressing as Slenderman but Nick denied involvement. The footage of the confrontation was dated May 18, 2010. Later in the video, in more recent footage and after over a year has passed, Nick and Evan can be seen fighting in Evan's basement, and on Baldpate Mountain. Evan appeared to have killed Nick by breaking his neck. Whether or not Nick was possessed, brainwashed, or was forced by HABIT to fight Evan was never confirmed.

Nick appeared towards the end of Dead end with a Pulse, in Evan's basement during an attack on Jeff. The footage of his appearance was in black and white, similar to the appearance of Dr. Corenthal in The Corenthal Connection (Jessie's back) where it signalled being outside time.



My name is Nicholas, I’m 20 years old and I live alone with my dog Chowder.  Everyday I think about killing myself, I’ve tried 8 times in the last 3 days.  But now my will is gone.  The faceless man won’t let me, and The Habit just laughs when I try.  They walk around my house like it’s theirs.  The Habit leaves often to do god knows what, but the faceless man, he’s…. he’s always here.  Sometimes I can’t see him, but I do see the wooden furniture rotting and I see the trees outside my house dying. I only catch glimpses of him sometimes, but he’s always watching me.

            My parents are gone, so is my little sister, I can still smell their blood.  The Habit made sure I watched my parents bleed, but my sister, Anna is just, gone.  All I got left is Chowder.  He’s kinda chubby but he’s awesome, always at my feet.  I don’t know if that’s to comfort me or to hide from these things.

            I found out today that my mother was raped in order to create me.  I think I should be upset, but the faceless man calms me.  I feel nothing but the deep emptiness because of him.  Hollow and thoughts a bit scattered.  The Habit tells me “Nick ol’ buddy, I’m gonna make you a fuckin animal. Something for your mother to be proud of.”   He raped my mother.  And he smiles at me.

            Today The Habit killed Chowder.  Chowder ran but I caught him.  He’s too fat.  He stuck his fingers in Chowders eyes and Chowder cried.  The Habit pulled off his head like it was nothing, like his neck was made of tissue paper. I knew it was The Habit, but Chowder knew it was me, and he didn’t understand.  Despite the faceless man and the calm emptiness, I cried.

            The Habit says to me, “That a boy Nicky, you’ll be ready in no time”

            I ask, “Ready for what?”

            He says, “Ready to fight something”

            I ask, “What am I going to fight?”

He says, “Someone you used to know Nick, I want to see how well he’s doing.  Ya see he’s an experiment Nicky, like you.”

I am sorry whoever I am supposed to fight, but I’m strong as shit and big as a motherfucker.  The Habit will make me kill you, I don’t want to, but I will.  I tried to kill myself again 3 hours ago.  He just laughed.  The faceless man just watched.