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Nicholas Wyatt is played by Gary Oldman. 

Nicholas Wyatt is first seen at the start when the main character Adam (played by liama henworth) is pitting a new mobile device idea.He is shown to be rude as he ignores adam idea and he fires them unfairly. So as revenge Adam steals his credit card and spends 50,000 on having a party. That morning leaving a girls apartment he goes into a taxi that takes him to Wyatt. Wyatt says that he has to get information on his former mentor and business partners jock  goddard (played Harrison ford) new project and threats him by saying he will call the FBI about him stealing money. He gets one of his workers named judith Bolton to tain Adam to get information on Adams product and gain his trust. One day Adam asks why he what's information on his product he says that jock stole all his ideas and that he deserves too be broke. A few days latter when Adam walks in his door and finds a man from the FBI claiming that Nicholas Wyatt has done this before not only that but he has killed interns that failed to get information including one that Adam saw earlier in the film. Latter Adam comes into Wyatt's office saying his done and he knows what he did but he gets one of his henchmen to beat up Adam and then says that his gonna too hurt his loved ones if he fails. Wyatt tells Adam about a girl  Emma Jennings. Adam sleeps with Emma and he is told he has to download files off her computer or Wyatt kills his dad. Wyatt gets a copy of Emma's finger prints and gives them to adam. He uses the prints to get to the valut but he is confronted by jock. Jock tells him he was aware of Adam being sent on a mission by Wyatt. Adam tell Wyatt this and latter that day one of Adams friends cross the road and a car hits him leaving him in a wheelchair. The next day Adam,Wyatt and Bolton are at a restaurant and Wyatt discuss the deal when Adam notices something out of Boltond phone and hands it to Wyatt. Wyatt looks at the messages and tightly grabs Bolton's hand in rage and gets go and when she leaves a henchman follows her. The next day Wyatt goes to goddards office and they get into a fight and Wyatt leaves and Goddard says incriminating things to adam . Wyatt walks outside and sees the FBI and tries to run but too late they then go into Goddard's office and arrest him. Wyatt is given life imprisonment for his crimes and Goddard gets twenty years imprisonment