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Nicholas Quinn is the main antagonist of the second half of the fifth and final season of the TV Series, Chuck, and therefore the final antagonist of the series.

He is portrayed by Angus Macfayden.


Nicholas used to work for the CIA and was primed to become the agency's first Intersect agent. However, Bryce Larkin intervened and sent the title to his friend Chuck Bartowski (the protagonist), which caused Quinn to go on a downward spiral. He was later captured and spent a year in torture, and was thus kicked out of the running for the title of the Intersect. He eventually left the CIA and began his own freelance spy agency, where he would service evil organizations such as Fulcrum, The Ring and Volkoff Industries (all of which Chuck put out of commission). As a result, Quinn wound up going out of business. He considers Chuck his arch-enemy and is determined to steal the Intersect.


  • It is revealed that Quinn was using Fulcrum, The Ring and Volkoff to further his goals of attaining the Intersect from Chuck. So in essence, Quinn is the true main antagonist of the entire series.
  • Quinn is similar to Ernst Stavro Blofeld from Spectre, as they are criminal masterminds who are obsessed with their arch-foes (Quinn: Chuck, Blofeld: James Bond) and were using other organizations to harm them while retaining their anonymity. They also happen to share a past with their arch-foes (Blofeld was James' foster brother, Quinn and Chuck used to work together). Because of that, they serve as the true central antagonist of their respective franchises.

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