I'm an American.
~ Nicholas Brody

Nicholas "Nick" Brody is the antagonist of the American television/drama thriller series Homeland.

He was portrayed by Damian Lewis.

Brody is a USMC Sergeant who is held as a prisoner of war by al-Qaeda terrorists for eight years along with partner Thomas Walker. Brody is rescued by Delta Force troops, and hailed as a war hero on his return to his country, but CIA officer Carrie Mathison discovers that Brody is working with al-Qaeda against his own country.

In Season 2, Brody becomes a Congressman and VP Candidate and become futrgive in season finale

In season 3 Brody cuts all ties with Al-Quieda is found and agrees to work with the CIA on one last mission, to assassinate the new terrorist leader in Iran. Brosy succeeds in his mission and kills his target, but is betrayed and left to be taken into custody by the Iranian Police, he is soon after sentanced to death. Carrie, now his CIA handler and lover, attempts to find a way to free him from his predicament, Brody however declines and resigns himslef to his fate. Eventually Brody is executed by public hanging, with a tearful Carrie watching in the distance.

Carrie attempts to convince the current CIA director to give Brody a star on the CIA memorial wall, but she is unsucessful. She instead draws a star for him herself out of respect for his unknown sacrifice and her love for him.