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You won't stop me! Not the Cooper Gang, not Interpol, not anyone!
~ Neyla after her bi-plane is destroyed by Bentley's RC Helicopter

Constable Neyla is the hidden main antagonist in Sly 2: Band of Thieves.


Neyla has a poisonous streak, and could sweet-talk anyone into doing her bidding, which she had exploited during her life. She tricked the Cooper Gang into thinking that she was going to help them, only to betray and arrest Sly, Murray and Carmelita. Later, she was promoted to Captain after arresting the Contessa. Unknown to Interpol, she had an alliance with Arpeggio. Her alliance was fake. All she wanted was world domination and immortality. Having everyone in the world controlled by spice and hate made it easier to stay in control. Again, she betrays her ally and even killed him. She then revived and controlled Clockwerk, now formed into "Clock-la".

Early life

Neyla was born into poverty on the streets of New Delhi in India, and the deprived life she had there propelled her to aim high. She attended a university in Britain, where she set up an elaborate ring of students to complete her homework for her. When the ring was broken, Interpol were so impressed at her ability to foment criminal schemes that they offered her a job, as she could access the mind of the lawbreaker, which would be an invaluable asset in this capacity.


Constable Neyla was the assistant of Inspector Carmelita Fox. She was partnered with the Inspector following the events of the Thievius Raccoonus Affair, and was present during a Cooper Gang-engineered break-in at the Museum of Natural History in Cairo. During a situation in which Sly looked complicit in the absence of the Clockwerk Parts, she seemingly bought time for Sly by mentioning the Klaww Gang's possible involvement. It was not only a distraction but a lead to encourage Sly into chasing them down to retrieve all the Clockwerk Parts for her. Neyla's distraction worked, as Carmelita was unable to stop Sly from fleeing.

Later, Neyla met up with Sly in Paris and offered a key to Sly for the back door of Dimitri's Nightclub. Seemingly now an ally of the Cooper Gang, she continued to offer help and support to them.

In India she was, along with Carmelita, The Contessa and many other Interpol agents, present at Klaww gang member Rajan's palace undercover. She clandestinely met up with Sly and danced with him. Carmelita interjected, requesting a dance from Sly. Fox was unaware of his true identity due to an elaborate disguise employed by the thief, and Neyla stood back at this point, taking an incriminating picture of the two together. At Rajan's spice factory in the same country, Neyla once more offered her services to Sly, but machinated events to land Carmelita, Sly, Murray and Rajan in the custody of Interpol. Murray did not yet understand why she didn't help when Sly was hurt. She was commended by the Contessa, who took charge of the arrested captives.

Neyla was subsequently ordered to arrest the Contessa in Prague, and was afforded a team of mercenaries equipped with planes, tanks and other weaponry to do this. She succeeded in arresting the Contessa, and was promoted to Captain.

She later tailed the Cooper Gang to Nunavut Bay in Canada, where she flew a special aircraft against the Cooper Gang during a daring train robbery. She was defeated by Bentley's RC chopper, but stayed in Canada to command a police unit to track down the escaped Interpol captives- including Carmelita.

It was revealed aboard the blimp of Arpeggio, Klaww Gang engineer, that Neyla was in fact an employee of Arpeggio, and that she had assisted the Klaww Gang during the entire affair. She betrayed Arpeggio, killing him, and commandeered the Clockwerk Frame, which Arpeggio had reconstructed. She continued to wage war on the Cooper Gang until her defeat at the hands of the gang. The Clockwerk Frame crashed into the streets of Paris, and Neyla was killed when the Clockwerk frame was then destroyed completely when Sly and Carmelita destroyed the hate chip, causing the Clockwerk parts to slowly disappear along with Neyla.


Neyla, like Sly, had an impressive array of gadgetry and equipment, such as a paraglider and whip. She was also afforded a high-tech air vehicle, and had an intricate knowledge of machinery, as evidenced by her alliance with Arpeggio. She also had the same acrobatic skills as Sly, having the ability of running across ropes, and has the same sweet talking ability.


It might not have been him, Carmelita. The method of entry and guard casualties all point to this being a Klaww Gang job.
~ Neyla, trying to clear Sly as she claims it was the Klaww gang.
I'm just saying there are other criminals in the world, other than-(Carmelita Fox: Sly Cooper! After him!)
~ Neyla, before Carmelita interrupts her as Sly Cooper gets away.
I'm not as black and white as Carmelita. I know what a menace those Clockwerk parts are, and I don't want the likes of the Klaww Gang, putting them to use.
~ Neyla, explaining her motivation to Sly.
Now, legally, I can't enter Dimitri's Nightclub without a warrant...but I happen to have obtained the key to his backdoor. which a person, like yourself, can use however he pleases.
~ Neyla, leading Cooper to Dimitri's nightclub
This is it. And if push comes to shove, I never showed you this door...and we're on for that date in Bollywood.
~ Neyla, planning to date Cooper
That man is an illegal spice trader. He should be brought to justice.
~ Neyla, referring to Rajan as a criminal
Actually, Contessa, there's a good reason why Inspector Fox never caught the Cooper Gang...she's been in league with them the whole time.
~ Neyla, framing Carmelita Fox.
Hey, Cooper! Thought I might find you here. Just can't stay away from the Clockwerk parts, can you?
~ Neyla, flying in her aircraft.
If you'd like some excitement, why not climb up on top of the train? I'm sure to get your heart pumping, maybe even show you my new ride.
~ Neyla, telling cooper to face her
What's the matter, poodle? Afraid you can't take me on? Have to call up your little friends for help?
~ Neyla, mocking Cooper.
Come on, Cooper. Let's play.
~ Neyla, before Bentley's RC chopper arrives.
Stupid Arpeggio. I double-crossed the Cooper Gang, Interpol, and Carmelita. What made you think I wouldn't do the same to you?
~ Neyla, betraying Arpeggio before entering Clockwerk.
Be brave while you can, Cooper. I might not have the immortality born of pure hate, but I feel some...some power growing within me.
~ Neyla, facing Cooper as Clock-la.
I hate you, Cooper Gang! I will find you in your sleep, and I will destroy you! You will never know a moment's peace for the rest of your short, miserable lives! The Clock-la will know revenge! I am revenge! I am the Alpha and the Omega! Clock-la!
~ Clock-la, defeated.
I still have my hate chip! You will not defeat me...EVER!
~ Clock-la's dying words.


  • Interestingly, despite being Indian, she has a Cockney English accent because she grew up in a British University.
  • Neyla did seem to have a few soft moments before becoming Clock-la proving that she was never completeley heartless. Once combined with Clockwerk's hate chip she became very violent.

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