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Newton PKNA

Newton is a character from the comic book series PKNA. He is a battle droid of the Organization who is used in some delicate missions despite his questionable competence.

Appearance and character

It's a duck very solid with a beak and a very prominent feature of tawny hair. It is always dressed in a sleek black, even when it is on a mission. It is characterized by the sunglasses, which breaks on time, and a horrible green tie with frogs fuchsia.

Newton is a character a bit 'dumb and not very patient, frequently uses the hard way to resolve situations, not knowing in the least the delicate art of diplomacy. For this reason Vostok, the scientist dell'Organanizzazione, can not stand it, but the dislike is mutual. It is a droid very dutiful, who put the interests of his masters before all without posing any moral scruples.


Newton appears in three episodes PKNA # 14 Carpe diem, # 34 and # 43 Nothing personal time to time. The first time alongside Pikappa because for reasons of force majeure is established between their collaboration. The second and the third time when the masked duck and the Droid are opponents and are located on opposite sides. In the last episode Newton is arrested by Tempolizia together with other top managers of the Organization. Presumably will or rescheduled or placed in a cronocapsula Prison Time Ø where serve the sentence for the many crimes he committed thunderstorms.