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Newton is the main antagonist in LittleBigPlanet 3.

He is voiced by Hugh Laurie.



Newton appears to be in a shape of a Sackperson but has a lightbulb as a head and a bowler hat that appears to be an egg timer. He wears some kind of velvet-type robe and black cardboard pants.


Newton is first shown to transport Sackboy to Bunkum, and informs him of Nana Pud's evil plan to bring back the three titans. He then shows Sackboy the basics of the game, and supplies him with the Pumpinator. After stopping Nana Pud's guardian, he then reveals that he tricked Sackboy, and that Nana Pud is his mother. He then releases the titans, planning to use them for the benefit of Bunkum. However, they possess him, and his plans change to one of destruction instead. Newton then confronts Sackboy and Oddsock, and unleashes the green titan, which is defeated by Oddsock. He then enounters the player again in the Ziggurat and unleashes the yellow titan, which is defeated by Toggle. He then shows up in the Bunkum Lagoon, when the player is on their way to get Swoop, and fires at Sackboy knocking him into the air. He did not expect Swoop's intervention, and is completely flustered as his ship is broken apart. He is then finally cornered by the four heroes, but tricks them, and captures Sackboy. He is freed by the three heroes of Bunkum, and Newton has finally had it, so he unleashes the purple titan. This frees him from his possession, allowing him to help the heroes defeat the titans.


  • His laugh in the trailer is from the Negativitron.
  • He is the fourth main antagonist in the main series.
  • A Newton is the name of a measurement tool used to measure units of force. With "Newton" being a scientific term, it is possible Newton's purpose in the game is to challenge the Imaginative nature of LittleBigPlanet with science.
  • He seems to be a very clumsy, lovable villain unlike the Negativitron.
  • Newton isn't technically a villain. He was possessed by the titans which made him evil.