Newmann is the main antagonist of the 2008 Spanish-British animated film The Missing Lynx (El Lince Perdido). He is an evil hunter hired by Noah to hunt each pair (male and female) of every endangered animal species in the world so he can bring them to his island sanctuary. However, Noah is largely unaware of Newmann's true, evil nature till the climax of the film. He proclaims himself to be the greatest hunter in the world.


In his introductory scene, Newmann is first seen hunting a rhino in the African Savannah when suddenly he is contacted by Noah, who wants him to come to his ship. Once he arrives, Newmann is given his assignment. He and his mercenaries then go to the Animal preserve at night and kidnap Lincesa, a female Lynx and Felix's love interests, which prompts him and his friends to go rescue her. Along the way, they learn of Noah's plans and decide to stop them. However, they encounter Newmann in the desert. After a brief battle with him and his henchmen, Felix manages to claw his face, giving him a scar and causing him to turn his hunting into a personal vendetta against him. Meanwhile, at the ship, Lincesa convinces Noah of the errors of his ways and ultimately causes him to redeem. However, as soon as Newmann appears, he betrays Noah, imprisons him in a cage and takes control of the ship, luring Felix as well as building a massive trap to kill him. In a turn of events, the ship is destroyed and begins to sink, Felix outsmarts Newmann and defeats him. Having gone completely insane, Newmann tries one last time to kill Felix with his riffle, but accidentally shoots a prop of his own trap, which collides with him, causing him to fall unconscious and sink beneath the water, presumably drowning. In a post-credits scene, it is revealed that Newmann survived his predicament (albeit with his pants ripped, implying he encountered sharks). He swims to a small island and then walks to a nearby airport where he asks for a ticket to any African city. Suddenly, he hears a meowing and looks next to his side where he sees a young lady holding a cute kitten in her hands. Newmann freaks out and screams in terror, revealing he now has a phobia of cats.




Like many poacher villains, Newmann was arrogant, egomaniac and did not have any respect for animal life. He was muscular, had black and white hair and beard, and wore a patch on one of his eyes. He also sported a small ponytail and a classic poacher uniform. At the end of the movie, though he survived. He is now terribly afraid of cats, revealing his battle with Felix left him traumatized.