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You... are... a beautiful, beautiful butterfly.
~ The newborn, welcomed into the world

The Newborn was a Xenomorph-Human hybrid, born to the Cloned Queen and the final antagonist in the 1997 film, Alien: Resurrection.


In ResurrectionEdit


The Queen and her child

The Newborn alien was born to the Cloned Queen, shortly after Ripley, Newt and a few survivors aboard the Auriga are taken to the hive and fastened to the walls via its webbing. The Queen gives birth to it soon after they wake up and realize where they are and for a moment, mother and child stare into each other's eyes. However, the Newborn sniffs, recoils from and ultimately rejects the queen. It attacks her, knocking her head clean off and giving a victorious roar as she dies.

It then turns its attention towards the humans on the wall, inspecting them curiously but ultimately attacking and killing them as well. The only one it doe not accost is Ripley, whom it chooses as its mother in place of the Queen that birthed it.

It finds it's way onto the ship as the Auriga survivors escape, attacking newt, but Ripley placates the beast with caresses and soft words of reprimand. Cutting her palm on one of it's teeth as she touches it, she flicks the acidic blood towards a window, then grabs onto to some nearby metal chains as the vacuum of space kills the creature.

The newborn dies painfully, screaming all the while.



The newborn alien

The Newborn was a grotesque creature with human and Xenomorph characteristics. It had fair, skin though the skin was gleaming and slimy like a Xenomorph. It's face was overall humanoid, though it lacked a nose. There were two deep eye socket-like pits in it's face where beady, black eyes sat. It's tonge was long, like a xenomorphs, but human in color and overall appearance.

The Newborn was bipedal, it's head fused to it's back and a it's gut hanging forth. It lacked a tail, and had long spindly arms and legs, long fingers, and sharp claws tipping those fingers.


The newborn exhibited both traits of it's human and xenomorph make-up. It was violent and a killer, like a Xenomorph, but had the curiosity and capacity to bond like a human. It also did not kill on sight, only attack those it felt had annoyed or offended it in some way.


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