Hello children. We are having fun at this time. My carefree antics are winning your hearts.
~ The New Uncle Creamy in The Tick vs. Education

The New Uncle Creamy, or Uncle Creamy II is a villain from the final episode of the animated series The Tick by Ben Edlund. Unlike the original Uncle Creamy, his powers are derived from mechanical enhancements rather than a mutation


Former KGB agent and mercenary Ivan Brubek is hired by the evil Mr. Fleiner of Uncle Creamy Ice Cream Inc to replace the original Uncle Creamy who was mutated by their unsafe products. He is not popular with children like his predecessor was, but he is equipped with an advanced cybernetic arsenal to exterminate the original Uncle Creamy, and protect the company's image. He is defeated by the Tick and his trainee superhero team, allowing the original Uncle Creamy to expose the evils of the Uncle Creamy corporation, and have the evil executive staff arrested for their crimes.