New Sun

New Sun

New Sun is a villain in the Marvel Universe and an enemy towards Gambit. He's an evil version of Remy LeBeau in an alternate reality, but was later revealed he kills all versions of himself to prevent them from destroying the planet.


In an alternate reality, New Sun was brought up within the Alpha-1 mutant research and genetic planning facility. He was prepared from birth in the use of his powers and eventually managed to escape, destroying the facility in the process.

In his universe, New Sun teamed up with both the X-Men, and for and against Earths other heroes. In his reality Jean-Luc LeBeau was a mentor to New Sun, and helped New Sun fulfill the prophecies of Le Diable Blanc (the resurrection of the old kingdom and heaven on earth). To fulfill this prophecy New Sun had the energies of the Long-Dead Kings channeled into him. But by doing so, caused his bio-kinetic powers to expand and destroy the planet. Ravaged by grief and guilt for what he's done, New Sun travels from reality to reality searching out alternate versions of Remy LeBeau’s and killing them to ensure the accident in his reality will never happen.