The New Sons of Freedom or NSF (also spelled "N.S.F.") for short is a constitutionalist/insurrection separatist organization active within the Pacific Coast and is an antagonist organization that appears in Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Its is a separatist organization active as of 2027 and would evolve to become the National Secessionist Forces years later.



Sometime around the 2020s, the state of California had failed to secede and the NSF was formed sometime during the time period. The NSF had gained attention and sought to have tall of the Pacific States secede from the Union to escape the totalitarian American government. The New Sons of Freedom soon gained public attention as the American government had became an authoritarian regime and had began to create FEMA camps to imprison Americans in case of a major disaster. FEMA camps were one of the reasons for the groups formation as the other one was the possibility of augmentations being used to create new "Super Soldiers" to control and oppress the people.

Events of Human Revolution

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution, the NSF is launching guerrilla warfare against the US government for being part and led by the Illuminati and attempt to use violence to counter its growing influence. In the Picus Daily Standard Newspaper the group gets the main headline after one of its agents, Joshua Korbin is arrested for firebombing the Capitol Building in an effort to have the pacific states secede and form their own country. The NSF has also collaborated with the Juggernaut Collective, a cyberterrorist organization that uses cyber-terrorism to keep the organization hidden from US intelligence agencies and ends up resourcing William Taggart of Humanity Front during a conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Their status afterwards is unknown but since they become the Northwest Secessionist Forces and the National Secessionist Forces years later, the organization eventually dissolved.

Notable Members



  • The name of the organization is based off of the real world Sons of Freedom from the American Revolution.
  • The New Sons of Freedom would soon evolve and become the  National Secessionist Forces in the year 2052, 25 years after the events of Human Revolution.
  • The New Sons of Freedom was allies with the Juggernaut Collective, a cyber-terrorist hacktivist organization, who kept them hidden from the government.