This is the voice of Robotnik, ruler of all Mobius! I have come to take back what is rightfully mine! Surrender or be crushed by the might of the New Robotnik Empire!
~ Dr. Robotnik, leader and master of the New Robotnik Empire.

The New Robotnik Empire, also known as "NRE" for short, is an invading technocratic dictatorship formed to replace the old Robotnik Empire and to conquer all in the name of the mad scientist Dr. Robotnik himself, and an antagonistic faction in Sonic the Comic Online.

The New Robotnik Empire is the name announced by the legions of Badniks who invaded Mobius in "Sonic the Comic Online Issue 250". While indeed commanded by Doctor Robotnik, this so-called empire is merely a proxy dictatorship controlled from behind the scenes by the Drakon Empire. The Drakons invaded Mobius in order to take control of the Chaos Emeralds, meanwhile letting the crazed doctor keep the planet as his personal plaything, which would probably destroy it. The NRE has yet to achieve total domination of Mobius as the people are resisting in far greater numbers than they ever were during R.B.R.. However, Robotnik's resources are nigh-limitless and his robot armies tireless, so the resistance is not expected to last. To make things even worse, a variety of other, independent nasties lurk Mobius, who make things even harder for the resistance.

In the end, Sonic the Hedgehog and his team fought Doctor Robotnik and his army at the newly-rebuilt Citadel Robotnik and won against the mad dictator once again with his not-so reconstructed fortress blown to smithereens and his new empire completely defeated.



  • Many of these robots within the New Robotnik Empire were derived from Sonic 4 and Sonic Adventure.
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