The New Orleans Witch Coven are the main antagonists (along with their leader, Esther) of the first season of the Originals due to them wanting to destroy the Mikaelson family and kill Klaus and Hayley's unborn baby due to the baby being born against nature as well as their power struggle against the show's protagonist, Klaus Mikaelson as well as the vampires.

They have shown to be evil, devious, ruthless, wicked, manipulative, unscrupulous and extremely immoral in order to destroy Hope and tear apart the Mikaelson family and will even go through extreme lengths in order to have the baby killed.

This has been the central plot of the show overall-the Mikaelsons trying to protect Klaus and Hayley's child and stopping the witches from killing them as well as their power struggle against Niklaus.

Deeds by the members


  • Kidnapped Hayley so that she can abort Hayley's child
  • tried to Cut Hayley's womb so that the child will die.

Monique Deveraux

  • Killed her own aunt, Sophie Deveraux
  • Slit Hayley Marshall's throat and tried to kill Hope Mikaelson


  • Manipulated Hayley into thinking that her child is a bad omen