We're going to kill you twice over!
~ New Destroyman to Shinobu

New Destroyman is a boss in the video game; No More Heroes 2; Desperate Struggle. He's actually a newer more modified version of Destroyman. Even though it appears that he got killed by Travis Touchdown, he somehow survived and someone repaired him as a pair of cyborgs. They both share the rank as the 8th assassin in No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle.


The personality of Destroyman has been split between the two New Detroyman.

Red-Eye Destroyman

One has the polite and tactful personality of the non-costumed Destroyman.

Blue-Eye Destroyman

The other Destroyman has the vulgar and rude personality of the costumed Destroyman. The one with the blue eye is also a bit of a pervert, calling Shinobu a whore and a dirty nympho while cackling. And went they asked Shinobu to shake hands, and she asked which one, the blue-eyed Destroyman replies, "The one that's throbbing".

Though they are split, they still use the same attacks as the original Destroyman, such as Destroy Spark, Destroy Beam and Destroy Buster.


During the boss battle, you play as Shinobu and fight both of them at the same time. Just like their previous fight with Travis, before the fight even began they tried to handshake Shinobu claiming it would be honorable. They attempted to electrocute Shinobu, but it backfired when Shinobu managed to slice the robotic hand off of one of the New Destroyman. During the confrontation, one of them attacks Shinobu at close range while the other one attacks at a distance. When one of them is defeated and falls to the ground the second comes and joins the fight. Every so often, the second New Destroyman will attempt to revive the fallen New Destroyman. At the end of the fight, one of them gets killed when Shinobu sliced his head off and processed by slicing the head multiple pieces. The other one managed to restraint Shinobu, but Shinobu's mechanical arm came off. With that distraction, Shinobu stabbed the other New Destroyman in the forehead, which caused him to collide with the decapitate New Destroyman, causing them to explode, presumably killing New Destroyman.


  • New Destroyman might be one of the most confusing bosses in the No More Heroes series. In the game, there are two bosses but they are still referred as New DestroyMan. In the original New Destroyman was known as John Harnet AKA, Destroyman, but in the end of the boss fight Destroyman was sliced in two by Travis Touchdown. In the sequel he returns as a pair of cyborgs, and yet they're still classified as one character.