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Let me tell you something, on this planet you have three choices. Political imprisonment, religious indoctrination, or you can fight. We're not the Terran Republic pigs, and we're not the brainwashed Vanu cultheads, we are the New Conglomerate! And everyone knows, we don't take any prisoners! And we don't take any s--t!
~ New Conglomerate propaganda
Freedom Through Force. Freedom over Oppression. And more commonly, A miserable free man is better off than a contented slave.
~ The New Conglomerate's motto

The New Conglomerate is one of three playable factions in the Planetside MMORPG First Person Shooter franchise, the others are The Terran Republic and The Vanu Sovreignty. There is no good or evil in their war over Araxis and the player must decide for themselves who is good and who is evil based on each factions beliefs.


Founded by various business CEOs of Araxis (A planet humanity colonized in the aftermath of a terrible war on Earth) The New Conglomerate are a band of rebels who revolted against the Terran Republic because of it’s laws which the NC believe are unjust. It is made up of outcasts, pirates, former TR military personnel, oppressed citizens, government officials tired of the TR’s laws, and various criminals. The NC is funded by corporations who supply their weapons and vehicles. They strive for victory at any cost and rely on brute force to achieve that goal.


Those who support the New Conglomerate are varied. Some are citizens unhappy with the other 2 factions restrictive laws, others are criminals or business people unhappy with how the other 2 factions have put pressure on them. All are driven by the desire of freedom, and the NC gives plenty of freedom. The NC believe a victory will bring freedom to everyone on Auraxis.


Those who oppose the New Conglomerate view them as terrorists, criminals or corporate rebels. They believe the NC are not for freedom for people, but freedom for corporations and dangerous criminals. This belief comes from the fact that some members of the NC are indeed business people and criminals. The other 2 factions believe an NC victory will mean corporations will rule Auraxis and that dangerous criminals will run loose and steal at whim.


In a few seconds, you're going to be dropped from orbit and into the middle of a warzone. The fighting down there isn't pretty, but it's worth it. The New Conglomerate is fighting for the personal freedom of every man, woman, and child of Auraxis. If you stick with your squad and help out your fellow NC soldiers everyone will be better of, so try to be a team player out there. If you do end up getting taken out, don’t sway, the rebirthing matrix will allow you to get back in the fight at the nano reconstructors of any NC instillation. You can use any of our vehicle terminals to create vehicles for yourself, but you’ll need to have appropriate materials for the nano constructor. You’ll earn everything you need by fighting of the enemy oppressors and liberating territory for the NC, so hit hard and don’t give any ground out there. Alright, it looks like we’re getting close to the drop zone, always remember, your New Conglomerate, that means your fighting for more then just some facility. Good luck down there.
~ NC de-briefer shortly before dropping new NC soldiers into their first battle.

The New Conglomerate military has some soldiers who defected from the other 2 factions, but for the most part the soldiers are newcomers with basic survival training. This is also reinforced by the fact that many NC soldiers are in their late teens/early 20’s and are new to combat. The soldiers use pretty much anything they can get ahold of, from old mining equipment to experimental weapons. They pretty much say yes to anything that works. NC weapons do the most damage, but have limited ammo clips. In terms of vehicles the NC prefer hitting hard and lasting long, meaning they can do the most damage and take the most damage.