Manipulative organism that burrows into the brain
~ Description of the Neurax Worm

The Neurax Worm is the first special plague that appears in Plague Inc., version 1.3.


It is an orange worm with two antennas and claws. As it gains traits, it will grow, while the antennas connect to the human brain, and it will seep more into it, which notes on how much the Neurax Worm is controlling it.

Powers and Abilities

The Neurax Worm, as said in its description, is a manipulative organism. When it evolves traits, it will gain more power. Examples are the likelihood of trojan planes, being more infectious, digesting brain matter, etc. When it evolves Transcendence, all humans that are infected by it will obey the Neurax Worm.


The only sign of history was that the Neurax Worm had existed 1000 years ago (as stated from a message during the start of the game). It was probably a very powerful and manipulative worm in that era. It then fell into slumber and likely regressed, losing all of its manipulative powers.


Before the game starts, the player may wish to give it a name (assuming it's selected), just like all the other plagues in Plague Inc.

At the start of the game, the Neurax Worm will awake from its millennial-long slumber, causing it to enter the human race into the selected country. It increases control over human minds with symptoms ranging from Neural Breach (to cause rapid eye blinking) to Transcendence (to force the infected humans to worship the worm as a god). If all humans are infected (and the Neurax Worm has the symptom Transcendence), they will be enslaved, resulting in an end-game victory.

Killing the human race takes more effort, evolving symptoms such as suicide (significantly increasing lethality rate at the cost of the infectivity rate being lowered) speeds up the process, but it is recommended that infecting the entire population should be done first. Transmission traits helps it spread more into other countries, but ability traits is quite a must. The three sections include temperature resistance, medical resistance, and Trojan plane probabilities.

The only way the Neurax Worm can be eliminated for good is when either the humans research the cure for it, or the Neurax Worm kills the last infected human, while there are still healthy humans. The player can make the Neurax Worm delay/stop the cure process by making it kill humans (as long as the Neurax Worm stays infectious) and/or gain cure research slowing traits (in the abilities panel).



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Plague Inc Evolved - The Neurax Worm (Music)

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