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Nester is the main antagonist of the Scaredy Squirrel television series.

He is Scaredy's boss who always makes his life torrment. He had played a similar role to Benson from Regular Show, Mr. Wilter from Chalkzone, as well as Lok from Tak and The Power of Juju. He run's the Stash n' Hord while his Momma fires people.

Roles as an antagonist

  • Who's Your Paddy - Want's Scaredy to work even if Paddy Padderson has con him in his job.
  • Camp and Conenquenes - Yells "What, What Do You Want?" (angerly) after Dave performed a bird call.
  • Fair Weather Squirrel - Fell a sleep while Scaredy tells people about (his way of) the weather.
  • The Maness of King Nutbar - Makes fun of him when the company stops making nutbars.
  • Halloweekend - Looks down at him when Scaredy attemps to scared people.
  • Rockabye Rock - Nearly got Scaredy in Trouble when Stanley broke a Stash n' Hord window.
  • Hammock Havoc - Have Scaredy work an extra shift.
  • The Golden Paddleball - Wacked Scaredy with a mop.
  • Life Saver - Gave Scaredy an F after Sally "helped".


Nester had been refered to as a dead-ringer to Peppermint Larry.

Dressed similar to Dr. Bender.