The Nestene is a powerful alien collective intelligence that appears in the British sci-fi series Doctor Who. Though energy-based with no individual identity, the Nestene are capable of possessing varied forms of plastic in order to manifest a physical form and can create many plastic-based vessels such as the dummy-like Autons. The Nestene also thrive on various pollutants for nourishment.  



Originally from the planet Polymos, a group of Nestene components arrives at the Epping countryside in the form of plastic polyhedrons posing as meteorites that are gathered by their Auton agent Channing who set up their base of operations at the Auto Plastics toy factory to produce duplicate Autons to replace key government and public figures with. However, the third incarnation of the Doctor arrived at that time and creates an electroshock device that will disable all Autons and destroy the assembled Nestene in its octopus-like form. Despite this defeat, the other Nestene made more attempts on invading Earth and were also used by the Master.  

Return of the Nestene

In 2005, the Nestene infiltrated Earth once more with warp shunt technology to conquer it for its pollution after their protein planets were destroyed in the Time War between the Time Lords and the Daleks. The Ninth incarnation of the Doctor attempted to negotiate with the Nestene, but its refusal to listen forced its death when Rose spilled a vial of the Doctor's "anti-plastic" solution into the vat of molten plastic which housed the main bulk of the Consciousness, causing it to explode with its Autons deactivated.

However, other Nestene appeared at Stonehenge, where they helped the Daleks, the Cybermen, the Judoon, the Sontarans and the Doctor's other enemies to trap the Eleventh Doctor into the Pandorica by creating Autons who looked like ancient Romans.


  • According to the Doctor Who Expanded Universe, the Nestene Consciousness is one of Shub-Niggurath's oft-mentioned but seldom-seen Thousand Young.