The Neryl Island Westcott Organization is an unnamed top secret organization working on Deus.Ex.Machina Industries under Isaac Ray Peram Westcott's command in Date A Live franchise. They are first introduced on Volume 12. They are located in the small island-Neryl Island floating on the Pacific Ocean, a rare hustle and bustle visited over the decades. 20 years ago, in XX year, ever since this inhabited island was bought by the United Kingdom's DEM Industry, a grand-scale laboratory facility was constructed underground. Nonetheless, its existence was not brought out to the public and the position of this island is not placed on the global map. Basically, it is a facility created to conduct terrible experiments which will definitely bring unavoidable criticism from the world if this island was to go public. This organization consists of about 85 members.

Because of that, the only people normally there were researchers reaching around the number of 50, approximately 30 staff members for the daily routines and few Wizards to act as bodyguards. If the experiments inside the facility are counted as human, the numbers would increase by a hundredfold. Regardless, the Neryl Island seen from above would get supplies frequently once every week, and since the big shots from the Main branch will not visit even if it is by whim, the Island is unusually quiet.

After Westcott's command in bring the Material A to Japan, 100 Wizards were gathered in the island. What is more, all of them were in their wiring suits and equipped with CR-units, and were prepared for battle. Adding on, there are above 300 remote-controlled Bandersnatch deployed around the island. If this scene was seen by someone who has not seen the usual island, the person will probably think that a war is about to start.

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