Neros is the main antagonist of The Legend of Spyro Age of Heroes: Karma and Convexity. He is the brother of Certo and an Albino Black Dragon who can manipulate Wind and Convexity.

Neros takes control of the Apes and uses them to attempt to annihilate the dragons, he eventually discovers a dragon from the future named Crona and learns that he never manages to kill all Dragons but does start the war, he decides to use Crona's powers in order to go to the future and assist Malefor.

Neros attempts to force Crona to take him to the future, but is fought by Certo and defeated killing him. Though he does manage to mortally wound Certo.

Neros then ends up in the afterlife, where his family appologise to him, Neros declines and leaves into the afterlife.