James. T. Kirk was considered to be a great man. He went to be captain of the USS Enterprise, but that was another life. A life I will deprive of you just like I did your father!
~ Nero, to James T. Kirk
I've been waiting for this day my whole life, this day of reckoning.
~ Nero

Nero was the main antagonist of the 2009 sci-fi action adventure film Star Trek. He was a Romulan miner in his childhood period and served as the captain of the Narda spaceship.

He was portrayed by Eric Bana who previously portrayed the Hulk before Eddy Norton and Mark Ruffalo.


Nero was a Romulan miner originating from the late 24th century, and captain of the mining vessel Narada. Following the destruction of Romulus in 2387 caused by a star going supernova, he sought vengeance against those he felt were responsible, ultimately resulting in him being sucked in by a black hole and transported back in time to the year 2233. Nero's actions in the past resulted in the creation of an alternate reality. In this reality, his actions led to the destruction of the USS Kelvin as well as the deaths of its two senior officers, Captain Richard Robau and Lieutenant Commander George Kirk. George Kirk's death altered the upbringing of his son James T. Kirk who, in this timeline, did not join Starfleet until 2255.

In 2258, Nero was responsible for the destruction of the alternate reality's Vulcan, which resulted in the deaths of the majority of the Vulcan race. He also attempted to destroy this timeline's Earth, but his plot was foiled by Kirk and the crew of the USS Enterprise. Nero apparently died when Spock caused the Jellyfish, a small ship carrying red matter, to collide with the Narada, creating a black hole in the center of the Romulan ship. Kirk gave Nero and his crew the chance to be saved, but Nero viciously refused the offer. Kirk then ordered his crew to fire upon the ship as it was being sucked into the black hole. As Nero watched his ship being sucked into the black hole while being blasted by the Enterprise, he accepted his fate and closed his eyes as his ship was sucked in, killing him and his crew.