Interesting you seemed to have turned a bizarre shaded yellow.
~ Nerdry's formula worked after Mya drank it

 Nerdry is the secondary antagonist of the FreeFonix TV Series.

He is voiced by Marcel McCalla. 


Nerdry is a nerdy employee who works at ComaCo and often takes part in making Mya's evil plans come together, often producing the devices or stealing or putting things in place.

He is also Mya's nephew, although she hates him making any reference to it, such as referring to her as his "auntie". He is a very nerdy character, as his name suggests and in the episode Death of Cool, he admits he was born without the "cool gene" and read comic books from a very early age. He owns a green and whitephone.

He is the creator of such inventions as the gloveball robots, a purse that dances the Macarena, an anti-ageing potion, the Roborapper robot suit and the Boogie Down 500 (a bionic device that interacts with the rhythm senses of the brain, transforming anyone into the world's greatest dancer!)