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Nerbils were the main enemies in Tak and the Power of Juju (Game). They came in many sizes and varieties. The most common Nerbils were small and purple, although as the storyline advances, many new Nerbils appear. They infest the village, and all surrounding locations, making them an all around threat. After the original Tak game, Nerbils are never seen again, although that does not mean they are gone.


  • Flying Nerbils - They have wings and attack from the sky.
  • Striped Nerbils - Have a striped design, basically a stronger version of the original.
  • Exploding Nerbils - They have a large bomb on their head, and explode when by Tak
  • Electric Nerbils - aka Static Nerbils-Biggest of Nerbils, have armor, and shoot electricity.
  • Melon Nerbils - Nerbils that throw Melons at anyone, instead of jumping and attacking.
  • Purple Nerbils - The most basic Nerbil, most common.



Purple Nerbil

Flying Nerbil

Flying Nerbil

Exploding Nerbil

Exploding Nerbil

Electric Nerbil

Electric Nerbil

IMG 0071

Striped Nerbil

IMG 0072

Melon Nerbil