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The Nephilim

The Nephilim were a race of often man-eating giants described in the Christian Bible and were sometimes depicted as the hybrid offspring of a forbidden union between humans and angels, particularly the Watchers.

The Nephilim were fearsome creatures and took to terrorizing the other creatures of the Earth, foremost amongst them humanity, this behavior was unacceptable to God - who (according to some sects) decided to send forth His Great Flood to rid the world of the abominations before they could do more harm to His creation.

Some of the Nephilim (or their descendents) did manage to survive, That, or more Nephilim were born from more unions of man and angel, as such a spicies and regenerate from utter extinction. However it happened, some Nephilim did survive,in much smaller numbers, after the Flood but were no longer considered a threat to God's creation - in some texts the ancient Hebrews encountered some of these surviving Nephilim on their way to the Promised Land.

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