Despite the First Robot War being over, their was still bitter memories of robots and the deaths they caused, so a vigilante group was formed known as the Neon Knights, who destroy every robot they can find.


The Neon Knights find and then attack a robot named Clive due to the robot accidently knocking over an human. When his master attempted to stop them, the Grand Master killed him due to him being a 'robo-lover'. When Dredd arrives, the witnesses, due to losing relatives in the war, state that Clive was only a dirty robot and his master shouldn't have stood up for it. Due to vigilantes being outlawed, Dredd then begins to look for their HQ.

Walter's capture

While Walter, Dredd's servant robot was taking a shortcut back to his apartment, bumps into the Neon Knights, who proceed to beat Walter up, but the Grand Master stops them, stating that destroying free robots openly is dangerous and they'll finish him off at their HQ.


While Dredd was at the Hi-Tower Cemetery paying his respects to the Judges who fell during the First Robot War, he notices burning torches and goes to investigate where he was discovered spying on them. They were going to kill Dredd but the Grand Master stops them, stating that Dredd was the one who saved Mega-City One during the war and offers Dredd a chance to join the Neon Knights. Dredd then tricks them by pretending to join them and when he looks like he's about to execute Walter, he starts shooting the Neon Knights and manages to kill several of them until the Grand Master attacks Dredd, who overpowers the Grand Master and takes his mask off, then Dredd takes the skin of the Grand Master's face and reveals that he is a cyborg. He tries to convince the others that he's human but they turned their back on him and Dredd forces them to shout to Dredd, "You Are The Law, Judge Dredd!", they were then arrested and sent to prison.