Who the hell are you?
~ Neon Gang Leader to Robin.

The Neon Gang Leader is a minor antagonist of Batman Forever. He was in charge of the Neon Gang that was terrorizing Gotham. The Neon Gang Leader wore face paint that looked like a skull. His gang kidnapped a young woman and came into conflict with Dick Grayson.


The Neon Gang were hanging around Gotham and hassled a young girl touching and pushing her around until the gang leader grabbed on to her. Dick Grayson was driving the Batmobile and pulled up on the scene which the gang leader thought was Batman and covered the girl's mouth. When the leader saw it was not the Bat, the girl pushed him away and ran screaming with the leader and gang giving chase and Dick followed.

Inside a darkened building, the gang and leader caught the girl and Dick demanded they release her. The gang leader asked who Dick was; when he claimed to be Batman, the leader and his gang initially began laughing. The Neon Gang Leader then clapped his hands, and his men started to fight Dick, who easily overpowered them using sticks. The leader was furious and fought him personally, only to get knocked away with a roundhouse kick.

Dick then freed the girl; when she asked “Wait. Doesn’t Batman ever kiss the girl?” he embraced her with a kiss. When he let go, she then took the opportunity to flee, while the leader rose to his feet and called for more gang members with a whistle. Outnumbered, Dick tried to flee, but was easily captured by the gang.

The Neon Gang Leader then spotted the real Batman on the roof, and yelled as he and his gang took off (escaping captivity in the process).


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