The Neon Gang are a group of youths involved in criminal activities serving as supporting antagonists of the 1995 film, Batman Forever. The were led by the Neon Gang Leader.


When Dick Grayson discovered Bruce Wayne was Batman, Dick took the Batmobile for a joy ride in the slums of Gotham. During his ride the Neon Gang were harassing a young woman and terrorizing her. She broke away and ran and the gang gave chase with Dick following. Inside a dark building, Dick confronted the gang and the leader and claimed to be Batman causing everyone to laugh. First Dick battled some members of the gangs with sticks easily knocking them aside. The leader then fought Dick himself and was bested and freed the girl.

The Neon Gang Leader then whistled for reinforcements and many neon faced colored members came forward and charged at Dick who tried to escape on the fire escape but more members waited on the top of it and grabbed him. Suddenly the real Batman appeared and frightened the gang away and all retreated leaving Dick to confront Batman.

Known Members


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