Neo-Shocker is a restoration of Shocker and the main antagonists of Kamen Rider (Skyrider).


Shocker is once again reformed as the Neo-Shocker organization, playing a role in numerous disappearances and terrorist attacks against the Japanese government. Spreading their influence across the world, their goal is the genocide of about two thirds of the current human population on Earth with them as the dominant majority. Though the other branches are succeeding unopposed, only the Japan branch is making no progress due to the interference of Skyrider.

Later history

Dogma Revenge Corps

Three Neo-Shocker monsters, Kurageron, Golden Jaguar (wielding Jaguar Van's shield), and Zombieda, were part of the Dogma Kingdom's Dogma Revenge Corps, Kurageron was destroyed by Skyrider, Golden Jaguar was destroyed by Kamen Rider #1, and Zombieda was destroyed by Kamen Rider Amazon.

Badan Empire

Gameleojin of Neo-Shocker was one of several monsters who were revived to serve the Badan Empire led by the Generalissimo of Badan. Gameleojin was one of several monsters destroyed by Badan's own Space-time Fracture System



High Ranking Commander


Neo-Shocker Kaijin

Cyborgs created by Neo-Shocker, some being equipped with acid to dissolve anything and anyone it touches. When killed, the body of earlier Neo-Shocker Kaijin would disintegrate, leaving no evidence that would confirm Neo-Shocker's existence to the public. Later more animal-like models would usually spontaneous combust with only ashes remaining of them.

Revived Kaijin

Kaijin the Second Generation Corps

Kaijin the Second Generation Corps


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