Taking revenge for your family ?! I'm doing the same thing ! Don't act like you're only one who's SUFFERING !
~ Nena Trinity to Louise Halevy
~ Nena last words
Nena Trinity (ネーナ・トリニティ Nēna Toriniti?)is an evil Gundam Pilot from Mobile Suit Gundam 00 who, along with her two brothers, are used for mass murder to make the world see Celestial Being as a terrorist group.


Nena and her brothers were created as living weapons by Ribbons and brought up to enjoy killing. However, the siblings did truly have love for one another. When Nena's brothers were murdered by Ali Al-Saachez, she was greatly saddened, and sought revenge. However, she never achieved this, as Ali was killed by someone else, and Nena herself was killed by Louise Halevy, whose family Nena had killed at random several years ago.

Is also reveal that She is a pseudo evil clone of Mina Carmine. Beside share many characteristic, Mina didn't have any psychotic and murderous trait like Nena even both of them are flirtatious


Nena is the youngest sibling of Johann and Michael Trinity, also the last member of Team Trinity.

Out of the three, Nena is the most dangerous, cruel and also murderous than her brother beside her flirtatious and cheerful persona. This is proven that how she kill Louise family because she couldn't stand how everyone she's watching is having a good time while she suffers dealing with her worldly missions, and she just told to Johann and Michael that her finger is slipped . Nena also own a purple Haro, which its confirmed the oldest Haros aside Lockon's Orange Haro. She also shown a affection to Setsuna F. Seiei, and ever kiss him when first time to meet him, much him extremely annoyed.

After Johann and Michael killed by Ali al-Saachez and saved by Setsuna, she sought refuge to Wang Liu Mei and swore to avenge her brothers death.
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Nena Trinity death

When she with Liu Mei, she become a agent and helping her to get the Information about the enemies. After thinking that Liu Mei is working together with her brother murderer, she defect her and kill Liu Mei. However, after Ribbons hijack her haro and says that she'll be judged, Louise arrived with GNMA-Regnant and brutally attacking her. Nena, as her cockpit sparks, says that, being bred to fight, she doesn't intend to die, but the Regnant points its Fangs at the Drei's cockpit. Louise, in response to Nena's earlier retort, says that she understands, but says that killing her family was unforgivable, running through the cockpit and impaling Nena on a Fang. Nena, with her last breath, curses Louise, and her cockpit explodes soon afterwards.